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I really enjoy taking web-based technology and blending it into real-world environments. I’ve developed kiosk interfaces for museums, applications for the trading of virtual goods, and interactive environments like this prototype control panel for Chrysler and a team of Stanford engineers.

Under my direction, my staff was tasked with creating the interface for an immersive touchscreen automotive entertainment and navigation console. What we developed was an early working prototype of a concept that has now reached near-ubiquity in premium vehicles such as Teslas, and is now making its way into the dashboards of mid-range cars. The UI consisted of four interactive driver panels and one feature-rich passenger panel. The driver panels were designed to collapse and shuffle quickly and responsively using the touchscreen control. The passenger panel interchanged with the driver panels for a collaborative driving experience.

The standard interface now in use across the automotive industry is strikingly similar to the early concept we created, as seen in this video review of the 300C.